Hot Tip: Eight (More) Ways to Clean With Salt

Hot Tip: Eight (More) Ways to Clean With Salt

Amber Byfield
Aug 3, 2009

Remember when we suggested cleaning your cast iron pan with kosher salt? Turns out, salt has plenty more uses in the kitchen and around the house. It's not quite as versatile as baking soda, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve by way of natural cleaner…

This all-natural cleaner comes in handy all around the house (and especially in the kitchen):

• Absorb spills with salt: salt will help soak up more of the spill after you've blotted the area with a towel.
• Sprinkle a serving of salt into the garbage can to neutralize smells.
• Polish your silver: line the sink or a glass dish with foil, and add very hot water. Then add a couple of teaspoons each of salt and baking soda, and drop in your silver. Let the tarnish disappear, then remove the silver and polish with a clean cloth.
• Clean the copper with a solution of lemon juice (or white vinegar) and salt. To spot-clean, dip half of a lemon in salt and scrub the affected area.
• Dissolve salt in warm water to wash the smell of dinner prep off your hands.
• Their powers combined, salt and baking soda make a great degreaser. Make a paste for pans, dishes, and even ovens.
• If you need to get grease off the carpet, try a solution of one part salt to four parts rubbing alcohol and rub hard in the same direction as the carpet. Then rinse with water.
• Clean white whicker furniture with a stiff-bristled brush dipped in salt water, then sun-dry.

(Image: Stock XChng user ettina82.)

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