Simple Green Entertaining: Use What You Have, Borrow What You Don’t

Simple Green Entertaining: Use What You Have, Borrow What You Don’t

Last week my boyfriend & I hosted our very first Thanksgiving dining. My BF was most excited about the cooking, while I was definitely more excited about the cleaning, organizing and decorating in preparation of the event. However, our dilemma for the decorating and setting the table, was that we only have enough for two, four at most – but dinner was for nine people. So, I was all ready to go out and buy more, when my green conscious and practibility got the best of me.

We were at the store about to buy more plates, napkins, candle holders and such when we realized it just didn't make sense to buy more stuff, just for this one dinner. A big dinner, but still, there had to be a better way. So we got creative with our planning. We recently purchased a dining table so rather than worry about having enough placemats, we decided to forgo using them, and show off the beauty of our new table. We've been thinking about getting a new bench for our landing strip and extra seating for the table, but just haven't gotten around to it yet – so we rounded up some odd chairs around the house, and borrowed a couple from a neighbor who was out of town for the holiday. My BF enlisted his mother's help and borrowed an entire set of silverware, linen napkins, water pitcher, and serving platters. The only new things we bought were the flowers and food.

I could go on about the details, but the moral of the story is, during this time or year, it can be very easy to get caught up in the hoopla of buying new stuff to entertain – but it's really not necessary. If we're all living in small homes than there's no room to store these things anyways. Using what you have provides the opportunity to get creative with things you already own, and guests can feel like they're helping out by lending a hand and feel included. Not only will you consume less and be resourceful, but your wallet will appreciate it too.

Photo from Laure's post on How To: Enjoy Your Own Party.

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