Simple Green: Give Consumables this Holiday Season

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Instead of buying people more stuff this holiday season, why not buy (or even better, make) them something they can eat or drink? Think cookies, breads, candies (or our favorites) jams, salsas, and other home-canned goods…

If you do feel like going the consumables route this holiday season, we have a couple fun links that’ll help you in your endeavor. If you’d like to can some things (think jam or salsa, like my mom does every year), we want to help.

These canning label templates generously provided by Merriment Design can help you up the personalization and cuteness-factor of your canned goods. Put one of these personalized labels on your can and you’ll definitely impress friends.

If you need help finding recipes or thinking of something to put in those empty mason jars, try this long list of gifts in a jar from Craftbits.

What consumables do you give as holiday gifts?

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Image: Merriment Design