Simple Green: Non Toxic Bathroom Cleaners

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Most of the time we go the elbow grease route when it comes to getting the ring around the tub off, and we’ve followed flylady’s advice and used shampoo in the toilet, but sometimes the bathroom needs something with more gusto. Instead of reaching for a harsh cleanser or bleach, try something a little gentler on the earth but no less powerful in the bathroom:

We’ve been intrigued ever since Gregory blogged about Method’s Le Scrub and Li’l Bowl Blu. Le Scrub gets its abrasive character from finely milled marble Lil’ Bowl Blu is a non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner. And they both have a eucalyptus mint scent, so you know the bathroom will smell like a spa by the time you’re done. So when the tang and vinegar aren’t doing the trick, you know you have another alternative.