Simple Green: Wash Your Produce, Even if It's Organic

Simple Green: Wash Your Produce, Even if It's Organic

Amber Byfield
Nov 13, 2009

Getting ready to bake that apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner? Make sure the apples are clean! Until today, we washed all of our fruits and veggies as well as we knew how: by running tap water over them and scrubbing until it looked clean enough to eat. But the point of washing a piece of fruit or vegetable is to rid it of any germs that might be lurking on it surface, whether it's organic or conventionally-grown.

You're washing off residual pesticides, something from the conveyer belt at the grocery store, or germs hiding on your countertops.

We found a solution: here's a super-easy green way to wash your fresh produce.

To really get that produce clean, spritz with white or apple cider vinegar, then with regular 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then, rinse with water. This method works great for countertops and cutting boards, too!

We tried it this morning on an apple, and there was no aftertaste lingering on the fruit (and believe us, we tried to taste it). According to Green Living from the Environmental Magazine, tests found that misting produce with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide killed virtually all salmonella, shigella, and E. coli bacteria, making it even more effective than chlorine bleach!

We love any solution that will keep the chemicals out of the house, and especially out of the kitchen.

Image: Faith Durand for The Kitchn

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