Simple Things You Can Do at Home Every Day to Be a Little Bit More Content

Simple Things You Can Do at Home Every Day to Be a Little Bit More Content

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 15, 2015

"Content in the moment" and "satisfied right this minute" tend to be much more attainable states of being than the vague and timeless "happy." Though we do think there are ways to increase your happiness at home, we know there are a few secrets to creating contentment that aren't really secrets at all, rather simple things to do (or not do). Try these out today to boost your own satisfaction a little bit.

Go to bed early

Other than reading a great novel (or a book to the kids), you might notice that there are time-wasters in your evening routine that just don't have to be in there. Take them out of your schedule and you'll discover you have a more attainable early bedtime. And of course, going to bed early not only means you'll get plenty of sleep, but it'll also help you...

Wake up early

Waking up early enough to give yourself a buffer of time that's just yours (harder to accomplish when you're a parent, but worth aiming for) means giving yourself the best possible start to your day. A good morning routine that isn't rushed is a great defense against a bad day.

Being mindful even in the mundane

Though by now we've all heard the advice about meditating, sitting cross-legged and being quiet isn't the only way to cultivate mindfulness at home. When approaching all your chores or have-to-dos in a day, really make an effort to be mindful. This celebration of the present even during the most mundane tasks can mean more peace and contentment in your life. And remember that it's not the giant, hours-long cleaning fests that help keep your home its cleanest throughout the year. It's the steady chipping away of small tasks so that things — dust, dirt, dishes, etc.— don't pile up on you.

Make more smile moments

Make a list of the little things in life that always make you smile. Maybe it's making your kid giggle. Playing with your cat. Treating yourself to a little snack. Sitting quietly for half and hour reading a magazine. You know yourself — consider making these little smile moments more frequent and easily accessible during the day. Even schedule them with a phone alarm if you need reminders.

Give your screens a rest

Living more in the moment and not filling your eyes with cat memes and photos to compare yourself to could be one of the simplest ways to cultivate a little more contentment at home. Only you know what boundaries would work best for you. If you get genuine joy from some screen time, don't cut it out completely. But if you know you tend to lose hours on your favorite website, challenge yourself with a timer and make yourself get out and do something else.

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