Sitting Down All Day? Set a "Stand Up" Alarm

Sitting Down All Day? Set a "Stand Up" Alarm

Elizabeth Giorgi
Mar 15, 2013

Sitting at my desk every day is the most unhealthy part of my lifestyle. Being sedentary is connected to an increased diabetes risk and weight gain. Standing desks are a great solution for some, but I found they're just too awkward for me. If sitting at a desk all day is practically your job description, what can you do?

Turns out fidgeting might actually help save your life. In an effort to prevent constant sitting from becoming just "part of your day" try doing the following:

1. Create an appointment on your calendar once every hour. When the alarm goes off, simply pick a task off your to-do list that requires standing. Maybe it's reading an article or making copies. Research shows that long-stretches of sedentary sitting can actually reduce your body's ability to metabolize sugar, which can lead to weight gain. Constant breaks from sitting may be a key to preventing this slow down.

2. Ask your colleagues to join you. Are you about to have a brief meeting with co-workers when your alarm goes off? Ask them to join you and have a standing meeting together.

3. When you schedule conference calls, try to choose a location where you can easily stand while chatting. It can be a little awkward to stand in the middle of a crowded cubicle area. If you can find a small office or conference room that allows you to stand and chat in peace, be sure to reserve it in advance and plan to take the call on your feet.

(Image: Elizabeth Giorgi)

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