Sitting Down: Avoiding Its Silent Lethality

Sitting Down: Avoiding Its Silent Lethality

Range Govindan
Apr 20, 2011

It's no secret that sitting down and in front of computer all day is bad for your health, even if you work out. The trick to staying healthy is moving around as much as possible. Unfortunately, for most of us, we have to make an effort to see this through. What can you do if you want to stay active during your 8-hour workday, without paying the price in later years with failing health?

The New York Times has reported a few times about this issue. Recently, James Vlahos wrote about how some people are able to stay healthier simply by being more active. This was part of a study where the participants couldn't exercise. The scary thing is that it can affect you even if you are healthily working out.

1. Break Your Routine: Try to break up your daily routine by moving around as much as possible. You could use the stairs to go onto another floor to use the bathroom or use a small cup so that you have to fill it up frequently.

2. Use A Standing Desk: By far, one of the most efficient ways of staying healthy while working on a computer is to use a standing desk. Adding a treadmill to a workstation is another healthy idea.

3. Always Use the Stairs: A lot of us work in office buildings, and it's easy to get moving by always taking the stairs. Sure it takes time, but it could result in a longer and healthier life, in exchange for a few minutes of effort.

4. Use Your Laptop: If you have to spend many hours in front of a computer, then use your laptop and frequently change where you work occasionally. You can even visit the cafeteria, a local coffee shop, a library, to get yourself moving.

5. Take A Non-Smoking Break: Smokers tend to take or get hourly breaks to puff up. For non-smokers, you can take this time to take a walk outside or just walk around inside your building to get the blood flowing again into your legs. Better yet, do one of these desk-side exercises!

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