Six Best Uses: Ikea Blomster Vases

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

These new vases from Ikea are so sweet and inexpensive we’re planning to use them for more than just holding flowers:

The Blomster series is brand new at Ikea and we’re planning to use it to help us usher in spring. Six ways we plan to use these vases:

• Use the tall vase for drinks: orange juice for when we have friends over for breakfast, or sangria when it gets warmer and we can move the party outside.

• The bud vases would be perfect for holding makeup brushes in the bathroom either on the counter or in the cabinet. In the same fashion they’d make great pen and pencil holders on our desk.

• Fill the low round vases with pebbles to make them heavy and then use them as bookends for smaller books.

• As a part of our landing strip, use the bud vases to catch change or use them for our craft supplies: to hold beads, sequence or other small bits and pieces we need access to.

• We’ve been thinking about making our own reed diffusers and would much rather use the low round vases instead of a regular glass bottle.

• Because of the bend in the tall vase, the bottom half could be filled with clear marbles or aquarium rocks and then a bulb could be planted on top of that. Since the vase is clear, we could watch the roots grow and the stem of the flower would have some support once it grows tall.

How would you use them?