6 Ways To Reuse Old Bed Sheets

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Change can be a constant thing—we all change our clothes, of course, but of the at-home decorators I know, all of them (yes, every single one of them) say phooey to rooms that don’t change in some way over the course of a month, a year (a lease, a sublet…). If you’ve got a hankering for a change in the bedroom—in decor, that is, not in the company you keep!—find our suggestions for re-purposing old sheets after the jump.

Fabrics, when priced per yard at the design showrooms or in the Garment District, can often be pricey. Embrace the color and pattern of used bed sheets and try them in one of the following applications:

  1. Window treatments. Fold over six inches of the uppermost edge of the bed sheet and sew. Run a tension rod through the new loop and secure above the windows. Makes a bright, vivid panel.

  2. Chair upholstery. For much-trafficked uses (chairs, sofas, etc.), make sure to double up fabric before upholstering. Many chair cushions from inexpensive furniture can be easily removed; pull bedding tightly over the cushion and secure with a staple gun.

  3. Ironing board cover. A staple gun comes in handy again—secure bedding to underside of an ironing board. If it’s particularly colorful/stylish, keep the ironing board in plain view in the laundry/mudroom.

  4. Pet bed lining. A particularly cute idea if you also have scraps to make small pet pillows or toys.

  5. Bulletin board cover. Purchase a bulletin board at any office supplies store and cut bedding so it fills the whole sheet of cork, edge to edge. Secure with glue or staple gun. Makes a happier home for cards, invites and shopping lists.

  6. Artwork. If you’ve got funky, modern bedding, buy three blank canvases (any size square or rectangle works) at an art supplies store. Wrap each in sheets and secure on the backside; the DIY triptych will brighten up any space that needs a punch.

Do you have more ideas to add to the list?

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