Circuit Boards As Fashion

Circuit Boards As Fashion

Amber Bouman
Jun 29, 2012

Much like QR codes, circuit boards and circuit board patterns are widely repurposed onto a variety of purchasable items from coasters to the tables themselves. Geeks and fans of tech have no shortage of options when it comes to flaunting circuit board gear: we've seen office accessories, razors, ornaments, wallets, and business card cases all featuring that familiar futuristic green pattern.

But nothing quite says geek-chic like circuit board wallpaper - that's right, from smaller panels to full-on, floor-to-ceiling wallpaper you can decorate your room like the inside of a computer. If that's perhaps a bit much for your taste, start small with these wearable options:

Leggings: Among it's wide selection of leggings, Black Milk Clothing also includes a red and black circuit board design. It's actually the second time the company has featured a circuit board pattern on their leggings; the first versions were in grey.

Scarf: This kelly green pashmina is silkscreened with a gold circuit board design, acquired from a literal truckload of screens recovered from the 60's, 70's and 80's. The scarf is also vegan, as it's made from a viscose and acrylic blend.

The geek's staple item of clothing, of course you can find a tshirt with a circuit board on it. This one is hand screened with metallic inks so the detail really stands out. Other options are more graphically designed.

BowTie: We've already seen standard ties featuring the circuit board design, but now you can add this classy black and gold option to the list. Brought to you from the same company as the kelly scarf, the bow tie version has a circuit board pattern that probably originated in small CRT monitors from the mid-80s. Cyberoptix has an extensive list of alternate colors as well.

Cuff Links: You're probably going to want something to match that bow tie, right? Tie these on for size: one of a kind cufflinks made from green dichroic art glass and sterling silver.

Jewelry: If formal isn't so much your thing, you can still fancy up your look by wearing a circuit board necklace or ring - Etsy has several lovely options, some of which are more on the steam punk side, and some of which are delicately artistic.

(Images courtesy Architects Paper, Black Milk Clothing, and Etsy Sellers Cyberoptix and UneekGlassFusions)

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