Skateboarders’ Ramp House by Archivirus Architects

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Though it may not be practical, this Ramp House in Athens is definitely cool. Designed by the architecture firm Archivirus, Ramp House melds the ideas of living and skating into a single space. Much more than a living room with a ramp, this living room IS a ramp…

Built in Athens, Greece as a rooftop addition to an existing building, Ramp House is a new take on the idea of home:

“Basic house elements such as the fireplace and storage units are hidden inside the ramp forms. I also tried to combine the street aesthetics of the skate scene using concrete and the cozy atmosphere of a house using wood. So concrete walls mold into the floor and then concrete turns into wood to create a ramp partition with the kitchen. In that way, the whole space is in actual motion and somebody can flow from one space to the other, skating or walking.”

If you’re interested, there are a ton of pictures of the space on the Archivirus site.

Via: ArchDaily.

Images: Athanasia Psaraki, Theo Vranas