I’m a Former Anthropologie Employee, and This Giftable $40 Find Is the One Thing You Should Buy from the Big Fall Refresh Sale

published Oct 4, 2023
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Cozy flatlay with wooden tray, cup of coffee or cocoa, candle, notebooks on white sheets and blankets

There’s probably no easier way to get a little boost of serotonin than by lighting a candle. That’s what makes them the ideal gift, after all. After a long day, shutting off the too-bright overhead lights and getting a candle going creates an instantly relaxing ambiance. With the soft glow and delicious scent filling the room, a candle can make a huge difference in making your home a calming oasis. Accordingly, I consider them a necessity in my self-care routine, right alongside my fluffy robe and moisturizers.

I take my candles very seriously — that’s why I was thrilled to get a gig at Anthropologie back in college. The retailer has some of the best candles around — I am nothing if not the number one fan of the Capri Blue Volcano scent — so it makes sense that they also have gorgeous candle accessories, too. Consider your go-to holiday gift all planned out: After snagging one of Anthro’s heavenly candles for your giftee, you should pair it with one of their glass match cloches — which are on sale right now!

What is the Skeem Glass Match Cloche?

Anthro’s Fall Refresh sale is in full swing, and I can assure you that this is the best clearance item you can buy right now. We included the smaller version of the Skeem cloche in our Gift Edit a few years back, and we’ve seen it sell out on multiple retailer websites during the holiday season. We wouldn’t be surprised if this little luxury sells like hotcakes in the coming months, too.

These stylish match holders are a must-have for any candle lover. On top of serving as glam decor with their attention-grabbing grey, blue, and violet shades, they’re a functional lifesaver, too. This little statement piece saves you from having to dig through your drawers to find your matches, and there’s even a flint striker on the side of the vessel and included matches for extra convenience. No more having to leave that eyesore of a lighter or matchbook out for the world to see!

Credit: Anthropologie

What Anthropologie Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“This is so cool from a visual point of view that I purchased one for myself and one for a friend. It’s a super cool way to store your matches and have them available when you want to light your candles.” – MKTGYR

“I always need long matches for my candles. Stylish and useful piece.” – MargeauxS

This beautiful container, especially alongside one of Anthro’s best-selling candles, will make you the gift-giving MVP this year. And trust me, after seeing how high-end it looks in person, you’ll be purchasing a cloche for yourself.

Buy: Skeem Glass Match Cloche, $41.60 (normally $52)