Skin Deep: How Safe Are Your Skin Products?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Healthy homes. When you couldn’t sleep last night because of terrible allergies, you become sensitive to your environment and stuff you put in your mouth and on your skin. Your home is your sanctuary. It should be clean and healthy.

We recieved a great tip yesterday for Skin Deep, a part of Environmental Working Group, a non-profit that has been an environmental watchdog since 1993. It is interesting to note that the FDA does not require companies to test their cosmetics before being sold. (Thanks, Sara!) MGR

I wanted to pass on this study, Skin Deep, which tests commonly used personal products’ safety (conditioner, cleanser, moisturizer, acne treatements, etc). I thought this may be of interest to you and your readers, because it’s about the personal care products we commonly use in our homes.

They have a searchable product guide that doesn’t just have types of products and their connections to specific diseases and disorders (eg. cancer) but specific brands. They also recommend safer alternatives (and do not promote certain brands; I saw brands with products on the “avoid”and “recommended” lists alike). Very user friendly. Enjoy, Sara