Skunks Digging Up The Yard?

Skunks Digging Up The Yard?

Grace Shu
Nov 30, 2007

Hell hath no fury than a skunk digging for your yard. Or in this case, our yard. For the past two days, there has been a ...creature... digging up turf right outside our front door. The first time we spotted the hole, we thought it was a neighborhood dog that got loose. So we recovered the hole--it was relatively shallow, just clumps of grass strewn around--and chalked it up to bad luck. No one else on our street was affected, as far as we could see. The very next day, however...

...the same thing happened! And In the same spot: near the front door, underneath our big oak tree. What the hell! So we did a bit of sleuthing, and concluded that we must have a skunk in the area (and heaven help us if it's living underneath our house). Help! Does anyone have any advice on what to do with these unwanted night visitors?

P.S. We're going to pick up about 30 cans of tomato soup hydrogen peroxide at the grocery store today. Just in case.

Photo from Jim Milnes Flickr.

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