Skype Lights: Keep a Blank Browser Window Open

Skype Lights: Keep a Blank Browser Window Open

Range Govindan
May 9, 2011

Depending on your lighting situation at home or when you are on the road, you might run into problems when you Skype regularly, especially in darkened areas. Each room is different, and a lot of it resides on how many lamps are in the room and how bright the illumination is. We've got a very simple trick that will help you Skype without any problems when you are someplace where there isn't much light.

We recently moved some lights around in our place and ended up making things slightly darker around the coffee table area. This made skyping or using a video chat of any kind somewhat problematic, as there wasn't much light when we were on the couch with our laptops. At first, we switched on all of the lights, but that quickly got tiring for our eyes, especially when we were skyping at night, something that's necessary when you're communicating with loved ones in different time zones.

The trick we came up with is pretty darn simple. While you are skyping, just open up a blank browser window. If you usually Skype with a maximized window, then keep it somewhat smaller so that the light from your display screen illuminates your face. While this sounds simple, it works really well on laptops with bright backlit LED screens.

It gets even better and brighter when you have more than one screen available and you're not multi-tasking (which is a no-no with family!). This can generate quite a bit of light, with as little as two screens. In our setup, we've got an LED ambient light on our coffee table, with a brighter dual CFL Philips table lamp on our living room workstation. Combining these two lamps with the screens, we've got plenty of illumination to Skype without any problems.
This is also quite handy when you are on the road and skyping home.

(images via MLive, 21st Century Learning and Flickr user Jon Ovington under license from Creative Commons.)

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