Slashdot Roundup: 04.09.07

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Updates on technology for the home from the tech blog Slashdot:

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Slashdot Roundup to bring you breaking news: The freakin’ Knight Rider Car is for sale!! Only $149,995…but we’d consider it a bargain at practically any price.

Now, back to our regularly schedule Roundup…

1-800-Google Launches…in the U.S., you can call 1-800-GOOG-411 for voice-recognition software-enabled 411 that doesn’t cost you anything. No word on what the info gathered by Google will be used for, but our guess is world domination.

From the “It’s-all-about-the-screen-real-estate” Department…does having two monitors make you more productive? If so, how do you justify it to the people who can take it away from you (at work)?

Woman’s House Robbed After Fake Craigslist Ad Appeared…a Tacoma, WA, woman apparently suffered from a revenge (fake) Craigslist post that people actually thought was real. No word on why her doors were unlocked, or why the neighbors didn’t call the police when her front door and water heater were seen being hauled away.

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