Sleeper Sofa Competition

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is our final day. Next Monday we begin the vote. This is the last day for nominations. We got this bunch of ne’er-do-wells so far. Next week, as P Diddy says, Vote or Die. MGR

Our list of entries so far:

1. Tribeca Queen Sleeper from Ethan Allen

Okay, this is a pretty good list so far, can anyone shake it up??? MGR

It’s official. We have recieved so many requests for sleeper sofa recommendations that we are going to have a competition. WE NEED TO FIND THE BEST SLEEPER SOFA IN NYC (in different price ranges). Nominations will be accepted this week (through Friday), and the voting will start and finish next week.

All sleeper sofa nominations must consist of a:
1. new sofa
2. from a retail store
3. and deliverable to NYC

SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! Use the contribute button at right. Please include link to store & photo along with why you think it is the best and whether you consider this sofa:
a) low priced $
b) mid-range $$
c) high end $$$ MGR