Sleeping Style: Twin Beds

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I am a very, very light sleeper and every once in a while I spend a night tossing and turning and swearing to myself that I will smother my husband with a pillow if he moves just One. More. Time. The next morning, bleary-eyed, I’ll complain of my troubles to my well-rested husband and he inevitably says something that has me reaching for that pillow again: “You know, this could all be solved if we just slept in separate beds.”

Let me assure you that — a few sleepless nights aside — ours is an otherwise blissful union. Even so, the very idea of sleeping in separate beds seems to me to be a recipe for the quick unraveling our marriage.

On one of my favorite episodes of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother (“Twin Beds“), Marshall and Lily decide to give twin beds a try and — much to their surprise — they love it! Until, that is, they hear a friend recount the tail of his divorce and learn that the first step to the eventual downfall of his marriage was sleeping in separate beds. Horrified, Marshall and Lily quickly revert to their old double-bed set-up.

I have to admit that whenever my husband and I are forced, through lack of other accommodations, to sleep in twin beds, I sleep like a baby. Still, I can’t imagine bringing twin beds into our lives — and not least of all because it would throw off the design of the whole bedroom!

So, am I overreacting? Do you think sleeping in the same bed, as your partner is an important part of your relationship? Have you had success with separate beds, or even separate bedrooms? Tell us about it!

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