• Happening Curtains from J Schatz: 69 glossy 4″ round double-sided color ceramic tiles float from an elegantly assembled stainless steel framework that is ready to hang.

    caboom pic.jpg

  • Kozely/Farmer Residence: Check out this beauty with its white polished stucco and corrugated metal eaves, as well as good reviews on all of the CABoom II house tours.


  • Wooden Radio by Marco Pulga and Luca Artioli: This sleek, sculpted wooden cube is a digital AM/FM radio with a state of the art amplifier.


  • Lounges by Brodie Neill: Space age furniture that appeals to our minds and our behinds.


  • Daydreams Mirror by Jason Miller: A traquil image printed on a reflective surface allows the viewer to be transported to another place.


  • Cat Head Cat Bed: How funny is this? Makes your cat’s naps that much cuter.
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