Slipper Chair at Hold Everything: A Little Bit of Perfection

slipperchair HE.jpgYou know something is good when you are feeling at your lowest…your emotional deathbed, if you will, and yet with your last breath still manage to mutter, “check out the slipper chair in the new Hold Everything catalogue. It’s great.”

Too much information? Perhaps. But here’s the thing: That chair really has us impressed. Clearly the folks at Hold Everything are chuffed with themselves as well because the Madison Slipper Chair ($595) is featured on the cover and first few pages.

The lines are simple with its two-button tufting and soft back arch, but there is something to the shape…like those we see at Viosky or some other gorgeous custom shop.

Here’s the other thing. Sometimes you can get inspiration on a particularly boring afternoon when the mail comes and a new glossy catalogue is waiting for you.

And everyone needs a good slipper chair. Everyone.