The Splurgy Adjustable Pillow That Completely Improved My Quality of Sleep (and I Never Have to Fluff It!)

published Jan 15, 2024
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a cube shelving system creates the illusion of a separate sleeping space
Credit: Erin Derby

Before I started working at AT and testing out bedding regularly, I didn’t put too much thought into my pillows. Mostly because I already knew what worked for me. When I moved away from home for college, I took my pillow with me and carted it around from place to place ever since. I have no idea where it came from or what kind it is, but it’s been a fixture on my bed for years. I never felt the need to make a change — it didn’t make sense to rock the boat when this one fit the bill just fine. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right?

However, since I started my new gig, the unthinkable happened: My old, no-frills pillow has moved into the number two slot. I never saw it coming, but I had no idea just how comfortable Slumber Cloud’s Adjustable UltraCool Pillow would be — and now that I’m a few months in, I’d even go so far as to say it’s improved my quality of sleep. If you’re a combination sleeper like me, let me tell you all about why this pillow should earn a spot on your wish list.

What is the Adjustable UltraCool Pillow?

This pillow gives you the best of both worlds, since it’s equipped with removable fiberfill and memory foam inserts. With both inside, it’s fluffy and moldable without sacrificing head support, but you can also opt to take one insert out if you prefer the feel of one over the other. It also offers side gussets that you can zip or unzip, depending on your desired firmness. According to Slumber Cloud, back sleepers should use both inserts and keep the sides zipped, side sleepers should use both inserts and unzip them, and stomach sleepers should remove one insert and unzip. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, just wait: It’s equipped with the brand’s NASA-approved UltraCool technology that’ll help maintain your ideal temperature all night long.

Credit: Slumber Cloud

Why I Love the Adjustable UltraCool Pillow

This pillow just might be one of the most versatile ones out there — it completely takes guesswork out of ordering a pillow online, since it offers something for every kind of sleeper. Speaking for myself, I rotate between my side and my stomach throughout the night, but I’ve found it to be comfortable whether it stays in the firmer or softer position. With my old down alternative pillow, I was used to having to adjust a few times and fluff it before I could finally settle, but I’m happy to report that Slumber Cloud has eliminated the need for that entirely. I can turn in any direction without having to reshape it.

After favoring an ultra-squishy pillow for so long, I’ve also discovered that I actually prefer the extra support the memory foam provides — but it’s not so supportive that it crosses into stiffness. It’s just the right blend of both, and unlike my previous pillow of choice, it’s perfect to sit propped up against while reading or watching TV. As for the cooling element, I don’t tend to run hot while I sleep during the winter months — my room is terribly drafty — so I haven’t been able to detect much of a change. But I can say that it retains a balanced temperature for hours, neither too hot nor too cool depending on the conditions of my bedroom.

I’ve never gotten better sleep than I have this winter, which I can confidently attribute to my new and improved bedding. Although I’m certainly going to be trying out more pillows in the future — it’s the nature of the job, of course — Slumber Cloud’s option has earned a permanent spot in my setup. Once you try it out for yourself and customize it to feel exactly how you like it, I guarantee that you’ll be on the same page.