Kitchen Composure: Small and Easy Upgrades To Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen Composure: Small and Easy Upgrades To Organize Your Kitchen

Marlen Komar
Jan 27, 2017

The holidays brought a whirlwind of gingerbread making, holiday cookie decorating, and pies cooling galore. And while all the frosting and sprinkles might have been stowed away by now, a kitchen doesn't always bounce back to its tidy ways so quickly after such a long holiday season. If you're ready to whip your kitchen back into shape, here are some small DIY upgrades that will help you organize your kitchen. From freezer containers to finally keep the Popsicles and veggies separated, to cleverly making use of cabinet doors to stow things, these projects will change the game. And the best part is you don't have to be a DIY aficionado to pull them off!

Create A Baking Cupboard

If you love baking — no matter if you're a pro or still wearing your Betty Crocker-mix training wheels — you probably have a special baking cupboard to stash all your supplies. Utilize the door by turning it into a measurement conversion board, like the one above, and hang your measuring cups and spoons on hooks to give them tidy homes. Use this post on Tidbits from the Tremaynes to guide your version of the project.

(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Craft Custom Container Storage

If your Tupperware strategy is in a constant state of disarray, this genius DIY from Better Homes & Gardens is going to change the game for you: You can drop a CD rack inside a deep drawer to create a rack that prefectly orders your supply of container lids.

(Image credit: Driven by Decor)

Stash Away Your Baking Pans

Instead of having your baking pans rattling around on the inside of a cupboard, stack them in their own neat compartments by repurposing a metal magazine or file rack, like here on Driven by Decor. Instant order.

(Image credit: Alton Brown)

Recycle Your Egg Cartons

If you're tired of your upside-down ketchup and salad dressing bottles flying this way and that, do like Alton Brown shows on YouTube and recycle an egg carton into a condiment tray. By placing each bottle into an individual egg holder, they can stay upright no matter how much you rummage through the fridge.

(Image credit: HGTV)

Your Soda Boxes Have Hidden Uses

Organize your canned food by repurposing old soda can boxes. You can keep all the beans in one box and all the corn in another, giving it a grocery-store-like tidiness. If you want to spruce up the boxes a bit, get crafty and line them with a printed fabric or wrapping paper that will match your style, like this cute solution from HGTV.

(Image credit: Domestic Imperfection)

Turn Desk Bins Into Shelving

Use the empty wall space in your pantry as a neat little spot to store all your packets and easily-crushed foods. But rather than spending decent money on shelves, go to the dollar store and buy a few inexpensive pen holder trays to screw into the wall, as seen here on Domestic Imperfection.

(Image credit: A Thousand Words)

Use A Tension Rod For Your Spray Bottles

If the bottom of your sink constantly looks like madness, take the spray bottles at least out of the equation by mounting a tension rod across the cupboard and hanging them off of it, as seen here from A Thousand Words. That's a great way to free up a lot of space, and keep things from bumping into each other.

(Image credit: Aaron Dyer)

Mount Trash Bags With Curtain Rod Brackets

Those bad boys aren't just to keep up your newest curtain splurge! Instead of cluttering up your pantry with cardboard boxes, use cabinet space by mounting trash bag rolls using curtain rod brackets and 12 inch dowels you can get at any craft store (use this tutorial from Martha Stewart to help). It's genius!

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Shape Up Your Fridge With Matching Bins

If you want to get your fridge into a more cohesive flow, try buying a couple of matching bins or baskets and grouping your food together in a way that feels the most natural to you. Whether it's keeping certain dish ingredients together or just avoiding having all your spreads and guacamole containers strewn haphazardly about, this will help you get a bit of order.

(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Bunch Up Freezer Food In Label Bins

Feel like there might be a possible avalanche lurking behind your freezer? Try buying bins and labeling them according to what kind of specific foods are grouped in there, like here on Better Homes & Gardens. Not only will it look tidy as a pin, but it'll force you to keep your food groups separated – no more veggies tucked underneath Popsicles.

It's a new year so it's a new you! If you have a hankering to reorganize your kitchen, these easy and cheap DIYs can help you get there.

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