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10 Small Outdoor Spaces That Deserve Instagram Fame

updated Jun 26, 2019
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Having a small backyard area doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors as much as those with large, sweeping grass lawns (in fact, without all the mowing, you might just enjoy yourself more). We’ve rounded up 10 inspiring spaces that are both beautiful and smart uses of their tiny little selves.

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If you love small spaces, and don’t follow the Tiny Canal Cottage on Instagram, get your follow finger ready in the press position. Whitney occupies a truly tiny little home, and an equally tiny backyard, with her husband and son. Each are amazing examples of what you can do in a small space. (The lead image is also from her home.)

I love this little space that Sara Karkenny carved out at her bungalow, including the fire pit and stump stools, which can either serve as extra seating or a bonus surface.

This outdoor space is nicer than most living rooms, and looks like an amazing place to spend the day. Kudos to Molly Dunifon for pulling together such a beautiful, relaxing area.

Lauren‘s outdoor space is a welcome extension off her small studio in Old Montreal — and it’s filled with so many beautiful flowers. You can see her entire 500-square-foot apartment here.

Megan Pflug’s outdoor area has so much good stuff going on, starting with the unexpected black fence, which makes the surrounding green really stand out, and ending with that fringed hammock, which I could swing in for days.

Keira’s outdoor area is outfitted with what looks like fur. I’m assuming they take it inside during bad weather, but what a great way to make a bench more comfortable. That, and the throw rug, really cozy up the otherwise hard, cold surfaces.

My favorite part about Judith Sturm-Huls’ backyard? The lighting they rigged for the picnic table. Simple string lights make outside spaces doubly practical, and extends the spaces’s usability, for very little money.

When you have a limited amount of space to work with, decide how you’ll really use it, and plan accordingly. Alexandra shared Mandy’s decked out dining area, which has room for a large table, and lots of entertaining nights ahead of it. Look for it in Chatelaine magazine this summer.

Emma created a nice hybrid of a space, with a round dining room table for eating, but more comfy chairs to hang out in after the meal.

Another Emma’s backyard space—this time a family-friendly outdoor area with a relaxing sectional and room for kids’ toys.