Small But Revolutionary: 6 Small Ways You Can Shake Up Your Style

Small But Revolutionary: 6 Small Ways You Can Shake Up Your Style

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 2, 2015

Shake up. Be bold. Surprise. Delight. You ever wonder why we're always encouraging you to push your design limits? Well, it's because we believe a truly meaningful home is one that engages you daily — that excites and motivates. That pushes you to be your best self. Can any of the ideas in this post do that? Maybe. But what they'll definitely do is be a bit of a boost to your style and maybe a little outside of your comfort zone. And that might be just the amount of revolutionary change your home needs today!

Put bold lighting where its unexpected

Everyone knows show-stopping light fixtures are a way to shake up your style. But stay away from the places you'd expect to hang or place them — over a dining table, for instance — and instead put your lighting star power in an unexpected place (like the bedroom). The design shock will reverberate throughout your entire home.

Highlight a favorite design element

Have you included a favorite or pretty bold design element into a space, but it's not having the powerful impact you had hoped? Highlight it! Combine it with more objects of the same to use the power of multiples to make it stand out. Use paint to surround it. Add a spotlight so your eye goes straight for it. Via Justina Blakeney via POPSUGAR.

Add a "you" item to a standard room

If you don't have the power (or time, money or permission) to renovate a "standard" looking room in your home, one of the best ways to add a little revolutionary design to your space is to make sure you've got a bit of "you" in there. A perfect example is a bathroom, where you can make an entirely boring room sing by adding a mirror that screams your personality. Spotted on Domaine Home.

Add design elements everywhere

This one might sound a little obvious, because like, why wouldn't you be putting design elements everywhere? But we're not just talking about the places you naturally design — the living room, the bedroom, etc. — we're talking about all the places you don't think about. The laundry room. The stairwell landing. The inside of your closet. It's about bringing in the things that make you smile — and spreading them around everywhere. Also found on Domaine Home.

Incorporate an unexpected furniture types

Sure, you could bring in the same kind of furniture types you always do — but why not try something else on for size? Why not replace those living room lounge chairs with floor cushions? Those stuffy dining room chairs with a bench or a few stools? You never know what kind of small but noticeable change a switchroo might do you and your home. From The House Doctor 2015 catalog via Trendspanarna.

(Image credit: Ana White)

Add storage where you need it

Well, depending on your storage needs, this might not be all that small of a change. But the idea is strangely revolutionary if you've been holding off for some reason. If you need storage in a particular spot — and the fact that you can't ever keep it clean might be an indicator — add it already! It'll be a life changer and worth the energy. Via Ana White.

Have you ever made a small change in your home that turned out to be surprisingly revolutionary for how your home feels? Let us know!

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