Small Cool 2006: Sam’s Honorable Mention

(This is the fourth of our 6 honorable mentions, which go to submissions that did not make the finals. They are awarded purely at the judge’s discretion. Each honorable mention receives a special gift from DWR.)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From Sam Grawe (in Italy right now):

“First of all, I’d like to say that it was fun going through all the entries, and really hard to narrow things down to one “special mention” (I wish all the submissions we got at Dwell were this good).

What I like about Chris’ place is that it really is infused with his personality – thanks in no small part to his custom furniture (I particularly like the bent plywood coffee table and the fact that he recycled an airport x-ray machine into a desk). Of course, this isn’t an option for everyone, but then again, not everyone’s apartment is small and cool. It’s cool, but it’s not pretentious….”

It looks like a labor of love, not like he just went out and threw a pile of cash at an interior designer. I could live without the wall to wall carpet (or rather, I couldn’t live with it), but that’s just me.

I also think it’s great that Chris is in Columbus. From day one, part of our mission at Dwell has been to show that good design exists outside of the big cities (and blue states).

Lastly I’m just a sucker for two things in Chris’ place: the aluminum group chair (which I love because – disassembled – each and every piece of it is gorgeous); and the Charles Harper poster (one of the 20th century’s great unheralded artists, look him up).

P.S. I’m also a Kozyndan fan (Takadanobaba on Acid above the Eames house of cards).”

– Sam Grawe