Small Cool 2006: Craig’s Honorable Mention

(This is the fifth of our 6 honorable mentions, which go to submissions that did not make the finals. They are awarded purely at the judge’s discretion. Each honorable mention receives a special gift from DWR.)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Craftsman Bungalows are rife on the West Coast and frankly have never appealed that much to me due to their typically small windows and snug spaces. Especially living in the Pacific Northwest (where natural light is cool and grey much of the year)–I can’t imagine really living in one. That said EW’s LA Bungalow is bright and welcoming, with white paint used liberally to expand and neutralize the space….”

EW shows a flair for combining modern and classic furniture, which serves to simplify the interior and make it seem larger, while at the same time acknowledging that this is an older home. Overall, the space feels very natural and says something about the person that lives there. I also like the fact that the TV is in plain view—not tastefully tucked away in some armoire. This is LA after all!

– Craig