Small Cool 2007: Don’t Go Changin’, To Try and Please Me…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
23 Entries! Now we’re coooking. And we recieved an extension until April 16 (Tax Day) from the
The Contest Master! We’ve got some really beautiful entries coming in, but we’re still looking for more in the Midwest (
ATChicago), the Southwest (
ATLos Angeles) and the Northwest (
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Remember that each area sends 4 finalists to the finals, so the odds of winning from those areas are technically greater right now.

Also, although we’re responding to all the emails, we’re going to list all the entries we’ve received below the jump. Please email us again if you don’t see your name down there.

Entries We’ve Received:
(Please remember we can only post 40 total, and we reserve the right not to post any that are very weak.)

Jacob M.
Holly B.
Aad B.
Elise M.
Shagun R.
Giuseppe P.
Melissa Z.
Andrew S.
Holly T.
Chin H.
Glenn S.
Laura H.
Elise M.
Alyssa J.
Keith E.
Timothy A.
C. Malouf
Robbie C.
Jennifer C.
Gregg C.
Lauren M.
Jason S.
Nicole M.