Small Cool 2009: Angie's Bedroom Cinema

Small Cool 2009: Angie's Bedroom Cinema

Gregory Han
Apr 17, 2009

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Who Lives Here: Two, me and my boyfriend
Location: Shanghai, China
Size: 452 square feet

What is your one favorite element in your small, cool home? Ceiling hung projector that projects movie on the wall facing the bed. Since neither of us like to watch TV, and both of us are movie lovers, I opted for a high end projector and we watch movies with the comfort of lying on the bed. It's very cozy and the effect of crystal clear projection on the wall is fascinating. Sometimes, I would leave the projector on with a dance performance and turn off the sound. With the lights all turned off, the projection creates a very appealing motion wallpaper effect on the wall, illuminating the tiny apartment with blurs of light.

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What was one of the biggest challenges you faced in furnishing your small home? The biggest challenges I faced in the designing and furnishing of my small home is definitely the constraint of size and the dramatic variety of weather in Shanghai. In order to maximize the space, I abandoned the idea of an open space and modular furnishing structure that I love most, and opted for all build-in custom designed furniture. The bed is embedded in a raised platform which acts like a storage box all 3 sides around the bed. With the bed embedded in the "box" that function like a floor visually, the narrow entrance to the balcony (converted master bathroom) doesn't appear tight anymore. The ceiling mount light blocking curtains that surround the bed is used to separate the living space into two so that one of us can read inside the "hub" created by curtain, and the other one can work on the sofa facing the bed. Making the small room function as two spaces. The curtain also creates a room for privacy. The balcony is remolded with frosted windows all around to allow light to go through, and the space is converted into the master bathroom with a bathtub, sink and a 2 in 1 washing/drying machine (necessary due to no cloth hanging space). The small toilet faces the entrance of the apartment, I therefore designed its door as a hidden door, looking as a solid wall when closed. This makes the passage of the space more fluid and less disturbing. Everything is designed with the purpose of maximize the limited space therefore the materials are chosen carefully, mostly are clear color with wooden texture or reflective materials. The space when emptied, is like a white canvas, pure and fresh, ready to inspire creativity and calm the most exhausting soul, lost in the jungle of building in busy Shanghai. The space can be then colored or modified freely with the adding of accent color objects, making it intimate and cozy, instead of cold.

The dramatically changing weather in Shanghai is another big challenge. The winter is very windy and cold due to high humidity and the summer is very hot and humid with raining season that lasts up to 2 months. This makes the choice of material and paint more difficult if they need to last or survive such dramatic weather changes. I end up having to use USA imported paints to ensure lasting durability and composite wood that is more stable in both humid and dry environments.

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