Small Cool 2010: Usheen’s Organic Global

Who Lives Here: Usheen
Location: Kips Bay — NYC
Size: 647 square feet

What is your favorite element of your Small & Cool home? It’s hard to pin-point only one element. I love so many things in my home. The ideas (and items!) have come from all over the globe (via the internet and few well-timed trips!)…hammered “white metal” chairs from India, cushions and fabrics from Pakistan and Dubai, art from a trip to Egypt and a subway ride to SoHo, cut velvet floral upholstery from the UK…and yes, a stop in Sweden (well, sort of) via the Brooklyn IKEA. Inspiration ranged from Gossip Girl to the vibrant colors/glamour I would see in the pages of Indian magazines.

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…The apartment was new and had the proverbial good bones, and some great details that gave me a head start in the style department. But a bit of a desire to get some personality and “girly glam” into the hard-edged space (with its dark woods and straight-lines), and merging my own organic-global style, and my passion for intricate Middle Eastern textiles, with this VERY modern “white box” apartment was a challenge, to make it all look intentional, cohesive and unique. And then there were the issues of storage, media, and lighting!

I love how the end result is so calm, just as modern as the space itself, but still very tactile, luxurious, functional, flexible and very personal.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced in furnishing your Small Cool home? My answer will be familiar to anyone who’s moved from a larger to a smaller home…Getting rid of unnecessary clutter and lack of STORAGE! Also, a floorplan that puts you right smack into the kitchen! Getting my closet space redone professionally, my designer’s (known to AT readers as “patrick (the other one)”)concept for a club-inspired built-in banquette, and his advice that “Not all storage needs to look like storage!” were the most helpful components to (mostly!) conquering the storage challenges of Manhattan living.

One of the biggest changes came from that custom cream banquette, created to match the kitchen cabinetry directly opposite. It has concealed storage in the base, and because one side is up against the wall, it makes the most of every inch of the entry area. It also turned what was once just my “kitchen table” into a real and elegant dining room. And the chandelier hanging above makes it beautiful space.

Designer: Patrick James Hamilton Designs
Images: Jody Kivort

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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