Start your Small, Cool Engines!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
April at Home by Emily Payne
Last week we asked about the size of your homes. We were amazed at

With most of you (78% ) in spaces that are small by the average American yardstick, and a full 35% in spaces that can only be described as tiny (less than 650 square feet), we realized that we may be at the epicenter of another Small, Cool Hotspot, NYC being the original. So we’re expecting not only to be featuring some serious contenders for the Smallest, Coolest Contest prizes but also to learn a thing or two from our readers about small space living.

Contest submissions are still being accepted; instructions are here. We start posting our regional Small Cool entries *this week*, so get ready to weigh in. Make sure you’ve registered for our new comments system, otherwise you won’t be able to vote or comment.

And as always, send your ideas, thoughts, resources and questions to us here; we love to hear from you!