6 Small Home Myths We Need to Bust Once and For All!

updated Mar 11, 2020
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Thinking about downsizing to a smaller home, but afraid of some of the rumors you’ve heard about it? We’re here to dispel all the wrong myths about small home living.

Myth: You can’t share a small space

Think you have to live solo if you’re calling a studio or small space home? Not so! Plenty of couples, housemates and families have created the room they need in a small home. The trick seems to be customized storage, regular decluttering, good communication and a way to mentally “get away” from the person or persons you’re sharing your small space with when you need some alone time. Not convinced? Check out real-life examples of multiple people making it work in small homes:

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Myth: You can’t entertain in a small space

We’re not saying it’s super easy to entertain when you have a super small space, but it’s not impossible. You can always rearrange your home to fit a dining table (or temporary table) in the living room (using the sofa for one side of eating and chairs from around the house on the other sides). Or you can just feature a bunch of plates and trays of snack food sprinkled around your small space as guests mingle around.

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Myth: Bigger is always better

There’s the false notion that having more room is always the best choice. Like if you have the choice between a big home and a small home (and could afford both), why wouldn’t you choose the bigger option? Take it from me and my personal experience, yeah it’s luxurious to have a lot of room and extra bedrooms for guests, but it’s also a lot more room to fill up with stuff and more square feet to keep clean. Nancy also shares why she’s learned to love living small:

Myth: All your furniture has to be small to match

It’s true, you have to consider proportions and balance when you’re bringing in furniture to your small home. And there are some instances where keeping the furnishings small can really help a small home feel airy and open. But it’s not the law. You can totally sneak a sectional in a tiny living room or have a bedroom that’s all bed if you’re going for a cozy vibe.

Myth: You can’t fit hobbies or work in a small space

Feel like you can’t do anything fun in your small space because you’ve got to make room for like, living? Not true! You can fit a small workspace and a little storage in even the smallest of homes to give yourself a work surface and a dedicated spot for work or hobbies. Like anything, you’ve just got to declutter the spot regularly so it doesn’t take over the rest of your space.

Myth: You have to be a minimalist to live in a small space

Hey, the less stuff you have, the easier it is to live in just about any sized space. But you don’t have to consign yourself to a minimalist lifestyle to live in a small space if it’s not your thing. You’ve just got to get creative to customize your small space so it works for your lifestyle (and yes, maybe declutter regularly so you don’t have too much stuff).

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