Small Is Beautiful…Again

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“The idea is to do things intelligently” We were inspired yesterday by an article in the Times, Sell in Bulk, Lose Farm. Sell Locally, and Watch Revenue Grow, that describes the success of small farms that are finding new markets for their products… right under their nose. While the old adage in American farming used to be, “get big, or get out,” small farms are doing better by producing things such as specialty milk and vegetables and selling them to local restaurants and communities that are hungry for higher quality and better health.

This points to the growing niche in our economy that is HUNGRY for enterprising, intelligent, and health conscious people to fill it. Doing well by doing better – even if it’s smaller – is growing. MGR

Ps. How are the big doing? Take one look at Unilever and Colgate Issue Profit Warnnings for Rest of the Year.