16 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Kitchen

updated Jan 21, 2020
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Kitchen bursting at the seams? If you’re going a little crazy trying to fit all your cooking accoutrements in your teeny-tiny kitchen, this is the post for you. Here are 20+ ideas for ways to squeeze a little extra storage out of a small kitchen.

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1. Get the most out of the cabinets you do have with stackable shelves (like these from Store).

2. Don’t neglect the space above your cabinets. You could stash extra stuff up there in baskets.

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3. If you have the space, you could mount an additional shelf above your cabinets for even more storage (as in this kitchen from IKEA Hackers).

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4. Stash saran wrap, foil, and the like in a file holder mounted to the inside of a cabinet door. From The Wandmaker’s mother.

5. Use a tension rod to hang spray bottles and help tame the clutter under the sink.

6. Adding a dispenser for trash bags to the side of your undersink cabinet will save space inside the cabinet — and make the bags easier to find when you need them.

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7. Squeeze in a short wall-mounted shelf to hold cookbooks.

8. A wall-mounted dish drainer will save space on the countertop.

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9. Adding a bar-height table next to your tiny kitchen is a triple whammy — extra counter space, extra storage space, and a place for friends to sit and eat in the kitchen all in one. Spotted in Mark’s Delightful (and Delicious!) West Village Home.

10. Use tension rods to hold cutting boards and cookie sheets upright and save space on shelves.

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11. Add a pot rail under your cabinets for a little extra storage. Image from Biografen.

More inspiration: Add Sneaky Storage to Your Kitchen with a Pot Rail

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12. You can add hanging baskets to a pot rail for even more extra storage. From Rebecca’s ‘Removable Solutions’ Kitchen.

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13. Use hooks to hang oft-used items from the inside of cabinet doors, like this Baking Pantry in a Cabinet DIY from Jenny Steffens.

14. You can also hang things (like cutting boards) on the side of cabinets next to the sink.

15. Not enough drawer space? Use a magnetic strip to hang knives on the wall.

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16. And one final suggestion, spotted on My Scandinavian Homemagnetic spice containers on the range hood, because why not?

Looking for more inspiration for your small kitchen?

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