Small & Lovely Outdoor Spaces

In most urban areas, having even a few feet of dirt to call your own is considered a luxury, but these tiny, beautifully designed, outdoor spaces truly exemplify living large in small quarters.

Small gardens have their advantages: they are easier to maintain, small details make a noticeable impression and even a few square feet of earth offer exciting possibilities. Some have small gardens out of necessity, but for a person like me whose thumbs aren’t exactly green, but who loves lounging outdoors, a large outdoor space would be too much to handle — the tiniest plot of land is the perfect thing.

1. A contemporary garden in North London by Living Gardens
2. A petit backyard in the West Village, New York by Foras Studio
3. Another lustworthy West Village gem by Verdant Gardens Design
4. This tiny Venice, CA backyard even includes an outdoor living room, via Sunset’s Fresh Dirt
5. A small garden that still feels rustic, via Sunset

6. A townhouse garden in London, via Remodelista
7. An oasis in Brooklyn Heights by Foras Studio
8. An outdoor dining room in Los Angeles designed by Steve Siegrist, via Sunset’s Fresh Dirt
9. A luxurious backyard fountain and going vertical makes up for the lack of space in this UK garden by Mark Gregory of Landform
10. A charming London garden with border plantings designed by Living Gardens

Images: 1: Living Gardens, 2: Foras Studio, 3: Verdant Gardens Design 4: Bret Gum / Sunset, 5: Steven Gunther / Sunset, 7: Foras Studio, 9: Landform, 10: Living Gardens