Small Project: Sprucing Up Inside the Cabinets

published Nov 29, 2011
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112911-tiles.jpg Tackling the smallest projects in my home always seem to create the most happiness. Sure giving a room a new coat of paint is exciting, but most of us live with some silly repair need for far too long, so when it’s finally fixed, it’s like this marvelous miracle. So today, I’d like to talk about the area under your sink. Did you know it could make you happy? Oh it totally can.

Most cabinets (unless yours are metal) have a pressboard bottom and when it comes to the area under your sink, things can get a little, uh, moist. From leaky pipes (or just condensation from them), spills and household cleaners, this area actually sees quite a bit of use.

It’s never an attractive area, you don’t tour a new house and the realtor opens up the sink cabinet for everyone to view, but sometimes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case, simple, inexpensive stick-on tiles from your local hardware store can be applied to the cabinet floor.

Why? For starters unless your house is new it covers up old leaks or spills that are unidentifiable to you and helps prevent against anything new that your usage might cause. Things can easily be wiped up without soaking into the pressboard and making it less structurally sound (to which it obviously doesn’t need any help). In addition, if you’ve ever been the one laying under a sink to change or repair something, the tiles will make it easy to wipe the space out without fear of what old ick you’re laying in.

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