Small Sleeping Spaces

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanks in part to the economy, small is in. Gone are the days of maximum space and over-indulging. Small spaces are where it’s at and you know how much we love to love them! One room we honestly don’t mind being teeny tiny — the bedroom.

The cozier the better in most cases. We love being all bundled in bed and feeling like we’re in our own little world. Small spaces make that feeling much more achievable and well, a lot easier to decorate! If a bedroom is small enough to only fit a bed, two side tables and one dresser — that eliminates so much stuff you no longer have to worry about.

If you think about it, small sleeping spaces can actually be kind of freeing. What do you think?

Colorful Small Bedroom, HGTV
Double Dutch, Richard Leo Johnson Photography
White Cube Bedroom, That’s Chic
Black Anchor, SF Girl By Bay
Mary’s Childhood Bedroom

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