8 Storage Must-Haves for Teeny-Tiny Bedrooms, According to Interior Designers

published Jan 24, 2020
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When you’re dealing with tight quarters, it’s in your best interest to make your furnishings work harder for you. Bedrooms are no exception to this rule, but the good news is you don’t need much more than a bed, a lamp, and maybe a place to set down a book or glass of water. That said, if you can make one of those pieces a space-savvy pick, why wouldn’t you? From headboards with built-in storage to floating shelves and more, these eight, pro designer-approved furnishings will transform your small bedroom in a flash.

Credit: Julie Soefer

A Headboard with Storage

“A headboard with integrated nightstands (like the Nera at Article) or built-in storage can free up floor space in tight bedrooms,” says Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors. Tall, dramatic headboards can dampen noise, but smaller spaces fare better with more streamlined, low slung shapes like what’s shown above, which can help a room appear less visually crowded.

Credit: Ferm Living

A Ceiling-Mounted Storage Rack

Don’t overlook your fifth wall and its storage potential. “In small spaces, consider using the ceiling to minimize the room’s footprint,” says Jean Liu of Jean Liu Design. “We love this ceiling mounted hanging coat rack from Ferm Living—it’s sculptural, functional, and flexible in configuration.” If you’re worried about things getting in your way when walking around, you can always target a corner for mounting.

Credit: Tim Williams

A Statement Wall

Sometimes space “saving” is all about an optical illusion. “Create an accent wall with dynamic wallpaper or paint to pull the eye forward,” suggests Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo of Laurie Blumenfeld Design. Best to focus on the focal wall behind the bed, since that’s where people look first when entering a bedroom. Even more good news? Papering and painting one wall is obviously much quicker—and cheaper—than worrying about the entire room. So now you have a legit excuse for splurging on one roll of your favorite high-end paper.

 Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to incorporate storage in a small bedroom,” says Caroline Grant of Dekar Design. “They also provide a great opportunity to bring in color with the art and objects you display on them.” Be mindful of how you style though. In small spaces, it’s often better to curate a tight collection of objects than fill every last square inch of shelf surface.

Credit: Julie Soefer

Twofer Furniture

Why buy a piece of furniture that only plays one role when you can find something that does double (or triple) duty? “When space is at a minimum, look for a desk with a light footprint and slim profile that can also serve as a nightstand, vanity, and work station,” Flanigan says (we’re loving this vintage desk found on AT’s Bazaar). Other thoughts? If you have space for a bench at the foot of your bed, make sure it has a shelf for slippers and shoes or a storage compartment for extra bedding or off-season accessories. The whole idea here is to get more for your money—and to get excess items off of the floor.

Wall-Mount Lighting

“Wall lamps, like these sconces from One Forty Three, are easy to install and help free up surface space in a small bedroom,” says designer Charlie Hellstern of Charlie Hellstern Interior Design. Don’t worry if you don’t have wiring in your room—plug-in sconces are an option, too. Same is true for overhead lighting. If your room isn’t wired for a flush-mount light or chandelier, you can swag a pendant with a hook. It’ll take up less space than a floor lamp and provide better visibility when you need it.

Credit: Room & Board

A Bed with Built-in Storage

“Your bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room, so make sure it has some storage space to offer,” says designer Michelle Lisac of Michelle Lisac Interior Design. “One of our faves is this bed from Room & Board that has a secret storage drawer at its foot bed.” If you can’t afford a new storage bed, worst case scenario, you can at least add long, shallow Tupperware containers underneath your bed.

A Narrow Bookcase

“For a small bedroom, a narrow vertical bookcase column is key,” says designer Jesse Carrier of Carrier and Company. “It has a small footprint but holds a good number of books for a stylish look.” The Story bookcase, as seen here, is one of your best small space options. You can put one of these guys in an unused corner or right by the door to squeeze in a little extra book (or even shoe!) storage.