Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Jason’s Charm & Potential

updated Mar 11, 2020
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(Image credit: Jason)

When you see the photo of Jason’s Charm & Potential above, can you believe this whole apartment is only 250 square feet? This could just as well be a detail shot from a full brownstone. I love how nothing is sacrificed in this small apartment. Sure, it’s tiny, but it’s got serious style — not at all dorm-like as the square footage might lead you to imagine.

(Image credit: Jason)

The layout of this apartment is as good as it gets for super-small studios: An entry into the main space and a separate kitchen. The bathroom is accessed through the kitchen, which many bemoan but which keeps the bathroom from opening directly into the main space.

(Image credit: Jason)

The fact that so many of Jason’s photos are taken from the perspective of looking in the mirror is revealing: mirrors allow one to take a step back, even in a small space, and perceive the space from a seemingly-greater distance. See?:

We love the use of the full-length mirror hung horizontally at the head of the bed. Again, it reflects space and light and is the perfect proportion for its location.

Lots of plants bring the outdoors in, introducing a literal breath of fresh air. The small home could feel stifling, but is anything but thanks in part to this detail.

(Image credit: Jason)

A small desk area provides a needed work space. Again, no sacrifices here (like working on the couch or bed). Working a desk into a small home provides a place to do specific tasks instead of struggling to make it all work from the sofa. Having dedicated spaces for specific tasks within the home brings with it a feeling of abundance.

(Image credit: Jason)

The kitchen is terrific with its stone wall. Open shelves save space on door swings, puck lights provide lighting on the shelves, and extra storage is available on the cabinet tops.

Tell us, what small space lessons do you take away from Jason’s Charm & Potential?