Small Space Nightstand With A Toothbrush Holder

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve had several bedrooms in the past that just didn’t allow for a nightstand, so we thought this wall-mounted basket and bathroom accessory combo was a great use of a small space. It gets the job done with a super small footprint!

Angela over at IKEA Hacker had a great idea when it comes to small spaces. After not having quite enough room for more traditional bedside tables, she turned to a toothbrush holder and a basket. She’s able to store books and her glasses with ease, as well as a cup of water!

We’ve always wanted a bedside carafe, but have been afraid of our own clumsiness, so this stay-put wall mounted option is extra appealing. You can see another view over at IKEA Hacker.

Thanks Angela!

(Image: IKEA Hacker)