Guaranteed Space Savers: 4 Small Space Solutions that Always Work

Guaranteed Space Savers: 4 Small Space Solutions that Always Work

Jennifer Hunter
Feb 20, 2015

Think you've tried everything to squeeze a little more space out of your home? If you're hurting for square footage, give these a look. You may just reclaim a little of your breathing room.

Ditch your doors

Why keep all that extra wood hanging around if all you really need is an opening to walk through. Sure, sometimes you want the privacy, but sometimes it's infinitely more important to get back even that small amount of square footage. It's super easy to take a door off its hinges and (hint hint) even easier to slide it under your bed for storage.

Cheat your curtains

We know you've heard this advice, but have you tried it yet? It's really pretty easy in the scheme of things to get out your tools and give your windows a ceiling-boosting makeover. Think of it like high heels for your room — it will elongate those stumpy ceilings like you wouldn't believe.

Lighten the visual load

If you have a bunch of chunky pieces, or just a lot in general, you're gonna want to lighten up where you can. That doesn't mean forgoing furniture—just switch it up with something clear or delicate to keep the surface space without the heft.

Float your furniture

If you lack the floor space for certain things you want, there's no reason that you can't make your walls do the heavy lifting and float a nightstand, desk or shelving with some handy brackets. Find a stud (besides you, beefcake) and get to hanging.

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