Small Space Solutions from An All in One Artists Studio

These stylish studios become home to various artists while they do an eight-week residency at Artpace in Texas, but there are plenty of good ideas here to take away for small spaces that function as full time homes.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of a good table. Just because square footage is limited doesn’t mean that you should not dedicate the correct amount of space to the things you love to do, such as including a (relatively) large worktable for drawing, crafts, using a laptop or prep for cooking. It is truly a multipurpose piece, as It can always be dressed up and set up for seating a group of friends – indispensible for both for work and entertaining.

2. Put things on wheels. In this studio, the chair, light source and shelving unit are all on wheels. This is a great plus for items in any small home because means that you can reinvent your space in a wink. When items and areas have to do double duty (from workspace to dining room, for example), being able to rearrange easily is key.

3. Light and bright always makes a room feel larger. Going white-white for all the walls, ceiling (and ceiling fan) expands the feel of the room, by creating a neutral backdrop and allowing the spare furnishings to stand out along with the large windows. Taking full advantage of the light from those windows by eschewing window treatments worked here as well – of course, that isn’t always desirable, but you should make sure that whatever treatments are chosen are flexible enough to allow you to let the sun shine in whenever possible.

4. Keep the palette simple and textures varied. This studio utilizes a dark brown, white and grey color scheme. A striped rug brings in a few more muted colors and the floors are a warmer light wood tone, but overall, this room is a study in dark and light. It allows the eye to take in the decor in broad strokes, making it a restful, rather than busy, space visually. The highly textural pillows, dark stained wood, cushy sofa and mix of grey toned metals, though color coordinated, help things from being too safe or blah.

5. Consider a murphy bed. A no-brainer huge space saver, allowing for a full size bed to be part of the room when needed and taking up only a few feet of floor space when not in use.

These studios were recently redesigned by Julie Thornton for the residency program at Artpace.

(Thanks, Matt!)