Small Space Survival: 5 Smart Techniques to Steal from a 300 Square Foot Home

published Dec 16, 2015
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(Image credit: Liana Hayles Newton)

Those surviving successfully in a small space have lessons they can share with the rest of us. Five smart ideas are in this New York City home — and they all fit in just 300 square feet.

1. Mix heights

All your furniture being at the same height can make a small room feel even smaller, fast. But varying the heights — mixing floor pillows with a sofa with a high table and bar stools (instead of a sofa, side chair and dining chairs all having the same seat height) — can make a room feel less cluttered while still allowing you to fit all the furniture you need in the room.

(Image credit: Liana Hayles Newton)

2. Use the window sills

Or the radiator top. Or a pipe. The point is, use whatever architectural elements are in the space as storage or display rather than adding your own shelves and storage in.

(Image credit: Liana Hayles Newton)

3. Mount it

From nightstands to televisions, you can make more room in a tiny space when you eliminate elements from sitting on the floor and taking up floor space — mount things you need on the wall instead.

(Image credit: Liana Hayles Newton)

4. Look for opportunities for small visual delights everywhere

I loved this little jar with dried flowers in it spotted on the hanging coat rack. It’s proof that not everything in a small space has to be all about function; you can find little mini moments of pure aesthetic delight.

(Image credit: Liana Hayles Newton)

5. Hang functional and decorative things

You might already know you can hang functional elements like light fixtures from the wall and the ceiling. But don’t be afraid to hang decorative elements, too! In the small space above, an already-tiny tabletop is saved from being cluttered and useless by hanging a flower arrangement above it.

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