Portable Treadmills, Kettlebells, and More Easy-to-Stash Fitness Gear for Small Spaces We Love

updated Dec 13, 2023
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If you live in an apartment or small home, the idea of dedicating more of your already precious space to workout equipment probably seems less than ideal. However, many of us can agree that getting those endorphins pumping is more important than ever. With the cold days of winter officially here and WFH life the new normal for many across the country, curating the perfect at-home exercise experience is something on a lot of people’s minds. Cue small-space-friendly workout equipment. You don’t need to get a behemoth multi-exercise machine to get in a good workout at home — really, all you need are a few pieces to take your routine to the next level. Here are 14 compact workout tools that will get your blood pumping without overtaking your entire living room. 

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This inclined walking pad is an AT favorite that can be used on its own or placed under a standing desk to keep you moving throughout the workday. When you're done, slip it under the bed or sofa for easy storage (it's referred to as the smallest under-desk walking pad for a reason!) Looking for something even more compact? Check out this foldable option.

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Yoga mats are already a pretty discreet item, but this innovative Gaiam travel mat takes it to the next level. It folds up into an even more compact shape than typical mats and easily packs into all kinds of bags and backpacks. Available in five colors, it's made of 2mm thick non-toxic PVC rubber and is perfect for everything from yoga to bodyweight strength workouts. 

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Add intensity to any workout with these stylishly compact wrist and ankle weights. Available in three colors and made with a comfortable lining, the bangles can be worn during your regular neighborhood walk or run, and they'll take your workout class to the next level. 

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Equipment that combines fitness and a desk setup is often — and unfairly — ridiculed for being overly ambitious. The Deskcise, however, has perfected the idea. The seat is easy to adjust, the bike has different resistance levels, and it tracks progress and calories burned. Despite being sturdy, the bike, including the desktop attached, is easy to move around, and if you hop off the bike, the desk functions as a standing desk. An editor favorite, our Best List editor Britt is a big fan and found that doing a bit of regular exercise during the day helped her be more alert and productive.

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One of the best pieces of home fitness equipment is one you can keep on your wrist. The Fitbit Luxe will help you keep tabs on everything from your heart rate to your calories burned, as well as wellness-focused metrics including sleep tracking and breathing rate. Looking for something more discreet? Check out the Oura Ring!

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The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells are the perfect pick for anyone looking for a set that won't require a lot of storage space. With an adjustable design, they can quickly go from 5 to 52.5 pounds with a turn of the dial so you can customize your workout with just one set of dumbells. A dream!

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Convert any doorway into exercise equipment with the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar. Available in four designs, this bar can also be used for sit-ups, pushups, and dips. The curved ergonomic handles offer three grip options (wide, close, and hammer grip), ensuring a stable and comfortable workout.

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Feeling listless from sitting in one spot for hours while working from home? Keep your energy and productivity up (and get in a mini workout) with the DeskCycle. Simply place the pedals below your workstation to take it for a spin. The unit includes a monitor that tracks speed, time, distance, and calories burned.

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One of the easiest ways to stay healthy and feel your best is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This bottle from Hydracy features a tracker that lets you know how much water you should drink by a certain time to make sure you stay properly hydrated. It also includes a fruit infuser so you can flavor your H2O. Prefer an insulated water bottle? We're big fans of this pick.

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Just starting your fitness journey? Pick up the Centr Fitness Essentials Kit. From the mind of Chris Hemsworth, Centr is a digital wellness platform designed to help you live your best and healthiest life. This kit comes with five tube resistance bands for total body toning, three fabric loop bands for squats and lower body sculpting, an exercise mat to take your workout anywhere, and a protein shaker bottle to fuel up. You'll also receive a 3-month subscription to the program, 2,000+ workouts, customized fitness programs, 1,000+ quick and healthy recipes, nutrition advice, and guided meditations from Chris’s leading team of experts. You'll be feeling like Thor in no time.

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Elliptical machine fans looking for a small-space equivalent will appreciate Sunny Health & Fitness's under-desk model. You can choose from eight resistance levels and build endurance while watching Netflix or doing your expense reports.

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This kettlebell set is the secret sauce when it comes to a killer workout. With seven weight sizes to choose from and an ergonomic, non-slip handle, these compact weights are one of the best at-home weight options, allowing you to switch up your regular routine and add resistance as desired.

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Every athlete knows recovery is just as important as the workout. Whether you’re a marathon runner or you consider sitting at your desk all day an extreme sport, chances are you’ll need to stretch out at some point. This foam roller aerates muscle tissue, promoting the flow of blood and oxygen for effective muscle repair assistance after tough workouts. Best of all, thanks to its compact design, it's easier to store than most other foam rollers, making it a must-have post-workout essential.

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If you're looking for the ultimate home gym setup, check out the Speediance Gym Pal Pro. This compact and easy-to-store device provides full body training from the comfort of your home. It also comes with access to a full library of workouts so you can customize the perfect routine for you. Whether you're looking to target arms, core, chest, glutes, shoulders, back, or legs, this device will help you perfect your strength training and up your fitness game without taking over your space.