Small Space Solutions: Compact & Smart Home Workstations

updated Mar 11, 2020
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A clean, organized, and well-lit home work space is a must. And what better time to tackle this issue in your home than the fresh start of a new year! Many of us don’t have the luxury of a separate home office or studio, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a healthy environment for working at home. Even if you don’t work from home, carving out a space for productivity is important and a smart way focus on specific tasks without distraction.

Whether you’re aiming to revamp your work space or even relocate it within your home, here are some great small space examples from our tours and why they work.

1. Window Niche Studio Jamie is an artist, so natural light was a crucial component of her workspace. A small nook off the main hallway collected the best light in her home and became the obvious place for her to paint. She loves the coziness of her corner and its proximity to the kitchen where she can rinse her paint brushes. While this exact scenario may not exist for everyone, the take-away is to find a location in your home with natural light and low glare for a productive and enjoyable work environment.

2. Multipurpose Space Saver Joe and Brad’s 420 SF home forced them to get creative in the design of their workspace. Using an IKEA Lagan countertop and hairpin legs they constructed a desk, perfect for a computer workspace. The desk doubles as a dining table when it is extended from the wall and inserted with a few leaves.

3. Custom Casework Wall System Kim and Scott had a hard time finding furniture that fit the parameters of their apartment. In this case their office also acts as a guest bedroom, but this wall unit is a great idea for creating a more open environment in any home. The narrow console provides storage as well as an adequate working counter, yet doesn’t take over the entire room. While a custom piece could be built to fit the space, this look is also attainable with furniture.

4. Room Divider Desk For Adam and Daniel loft living meant using furniture, to define the different functions of their space. They built an awesome room divider that forms a partition between the sleeping and living areas. Not only is it a work of art (with a jungle vibe) but it’s a fully functional shelving unit and desk.

5. Secret Closet Work Space Jennifer was able to transform a closet into a home office (and theater) by applying wallpaper to the interior. This step instantly transformed the storage space into a room. Without a lot of depth to work with she took advantage of the vertical storage for housing crafting supplies and home office accessories. A simple curtain can be drawn to hide clutter when not in use, although in this case the wallpaper is far to pretty to hide.

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(Images 1. Jamie and Byron’s Elegant Art Canvas, 2. Joe and Brad’s Small Space with Big Style, 3. Kim and Scott’s Small Footprint, 4. Adam and Daniels “Boclectic Craftern” Loft, 5. Jennifer’s Creative Closet Home Office.)