Smallest Coolest 2006: Heads Up!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

DWR + AT = A Contest Within Reach. March is around the corner so get ready for our second annual Smallest, Coolest Contest, which promises to be bigger and better than ever.

This year, we’re opening it up to the whole country, raising the size requirement only a tinch, and partnering with Design Within Reach, who are offering some fabulous store credit prizes and really helping get the word out in the design community. We’ll keep you updated as plans unfold, but all the basic info is here below. Bring on your small gems!

Because we’ve never accepted that a lack of space is fatal when it comes to creating an inspiring home and nothing jazzes us more than the hand-made home or the stylish studio wedged into an urban crevice.
Because somewhere there is ONE APARTMENT that is so small and so cool that it should be recognized as the ultimate achievement in its class.

The Smallest, Coolest Apartment contest is a contest for all small apartments and homes in the lower 48 states under 650 square feet. We are seeking the most ingenious and beautiful 120 submissions along with all the tips and resources we need to maximize our own homes.

1st – $2500 DWR store credit
2nd – $1500 DWR store credit
3rd – $1250 DWR store credit
4th – $1000 DWR store credit

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There will be 5 special mentions: design gifts worth @ $200
AND every accepted submission will receive a free copy of our new book: “Apartment Therapy – The Eight-Step Home Cure

– Name, Location, Size, Type
– floor plan, 3 photographs (max!)(With description of photo as name of file—ie. streetfacingwindow.jpg)
– Pitch: “What inspired you?” (100 words or less)
– Your favorite home resource
– 1 good design tip

to (and put “EAST” or “WEST” in caps in the subject field)

All entries should be received no later than Monday, March 13th

Detailed Rules?

1. Submissions will be posted March 6th through March 31st. There will be ongoing evaluation to determine which entries are posted to the site. In that we have a month to post, we can ONLY publish 120 entries online for public review (3 per day). The more entries we receive the more discerning we will have to be about what gets online.
2. The first round of voting ends on March 30th at midnight. Readers are voting throughout the month of March in that they are evaluating each entry as soon as it is posted.
3. Judges have from April 1st through the morning of April 4th to evaluate the reader’s choices and determine a top 5 from the West Coast and a top 5 from the East Coast.
4. These top 10 finalists have from April 4th through April 6th to refine their profile and to send in new and better pictures if they so desire.
5. Readers will review the top 10 finalists from April 7th through April 13th. Although they will not be voting per se, they will be encouraged to comment and assess. The judges will review and take into account these comments when making their final decision. As the comments are public, the process remains very transparent.
6. The judges have from April 13th through April 19th to determine the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners, irrespective of geography.

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