If You Have a Door and $48, You Can Have a Pantry

published Apr 22, 2020
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Arguably the hardest part about having a tiny kitchen is that you’re often stuck with little to no cabinet space for storage. Fortunately, we discovered a game changer that can turn any door in your home into a bonafide pantry in minutes.

Composed of sleek and sturdy white-coated steel, the Smart Design Over The Door Adjustable Pantry Organizer comes with two hooks that allow you to hang it over a door—no screws or landlord permission required—and forge a floating pantry out of thin air.

Designed with six interlocking tiers, this slender organizer lets you customize the space between each shelf and make room for taller items. Even better, the basket-style shelves come in varying widths—ranging from 4-to-7 inches wide—so you can rest assured that despite being an over-the-door storage solution, you’ll have the space to store a range of awkwardly sized kitchen supplies.

Credit: Amazon

If you’re worried about the fact that it’s backless and items might fall out if you swing open the door too fast, don’t worry. According to a review from customer Catherine Vidinha, you can apply a handful of Command Hooks or adhesive strips to the back of the organizer to secure it to your door:

“ …the setup can swing away from the door when moved and could potentially drop items behind the backless baskets—but having read these reviews, I was prepared with large 3M command hooks (the salvation of apartment renters the world over). I started with 4 but ended up using 6, just out of an overabundance of care, since some of the items I put on it are smallish, heavy, and contain liquids. It holds a great deal and is doing the job well so far.”

And if wall-mounted storage displays are more your style, this over-the-door organizer also comes with mounting hardware so you can screw it directly to your walls. But no matter how you hang it, this space-savvy shelf system is a goof-proof way to carve out extra storage room in a small kitchen without sacrificing an inch of cabinet or countertop space.  

Bottom line: This six-tiered hanging shelf transforms the front or inside of a door (or a sliver of wall space) into ample storage opportunity for less than the price of your weekly groceries.