Smart Fridge Generates Recipes

Smart Fridge Generates Recipes

Kristen Lubbe
Jun 1, 2010

Often there are times that our fridge is either filled with random ingredients, or there is barely anything in there at all. We have recipe apps on our iPhone and own several hard copies, but, sometimes we just want things spoon fed to us. Meaning, do everything but actually cook the dinner (we enjoy that part).

This Smart Fridge, designed by Ashley Legg seems like it's potentially our dream come true. We can go shopping, record the items in our fridge and at any given time ask the fridge to tell us what we can make.

Some may argue that recording each and every item into your fridge would be too time consuming, but, we think we could easily work it into our putting the groceries away routine. It would be especially simple and easy if you happen to buy a lot of the same items each week. We're sure the fridge has some sort of memory system that could keep track of the typical purchases.

Once you've recorded each of the items, you can select the type of meal you're looking to make and the fridge will display recipes. Select the recipe and the items from the fridge, the only thing left to do is listen to the fridge telling you step by step instructions.

This may be a little larger and more expensive than any of those Nintendo DS cooking games, but, heck &mdash we'll take one!

[via YankoDesign]

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