A Closer Look at the Smart Tech Within the Smart Home

Last week we posted about Smart Home’s 2010 opening, featuring a whole slew of new technology. Janel Laban of Apartment Therapy Chicago posted a house tour of the original interior and has now gone back to check out the changes. She’s posted a sweet house tour of the updated house, including some of the tech we mentioned in our previous post. Here’s a visual breakdown of what was added.

Countertop with built in power source/charging station pad: The pad, by eCoupled uses near-field inductive coupling to power any electronic placed on it. “Simply place your phone or iPod on the pad for it to charge, special wireless appliances (such as the blender shown in the slideshow) will work when placed on the pad. The pad distinguishes between types of items set upon it to determine correct charge and will power down when the job is complete.”

Kill-a-Watt: A program that helps reduce the amount of overall energy consumption by measuring usage thoughout the home and displaying information in several different formats, including on this flatscreen.

Digital Frame by Nix: Now this is a great way to display a digital frame. This one, which saves energy by only turning on and advancing photo slideshow when the built-in motion sensor senses someone is nearby, is accessorized with traditional, vintage cameras.

Shower Time by Efergy: This timer helps reduce water usage, by letting you decide how much water you want to use in the shower, and it will alert you when you’ve reached that amount.

Home Office: Complete with Steelcase Think Chair and Room Service Chicago Vintage Metal Barrister Bookcase, plus Gateway One computer, HP Officeject Pro 8500 AiO printer, Power SmartTower, which automatically powers down outlets when not in use and powers back up again when devices need power, and a VantageVue Weather Station, which monitors indoor and outdoor weather to help homeowner conserve energy.

Bedroom: All-digital, High-definitionTouch Panel lets you control lighting, audio, climate, cameras, security systems and instant access to digital entertainment.

Garage Waste Center: Recycling containers, including an e-waste and a Nature Mill NM52 composter.

(Images: Janel Laban)