Smartbulbs: Lightbulbs Get an LED Update

Smartbulbs: Lightbulbs Get an LED Update

Range Govindan
Jun 12, 2009

We all want to save money. That's why most of use have started using these fluorescent bulbs instead of the traditional ones. They are way more energy efficient and will save you a bunch of money throughout their lifetime. However, these bulbs aren't prefect. They make noise and the light that they dispense isn't always optimal. That's why Sharp came up with these great LED bulbs to take care of this situation. They also added a few perks which some of use will really enjoy.

Sharp has come up with some new light bulbs that are actually LED-based. They come in 7 different shades and can come also in a remote-controlled color-changing fashion. Now that's pretty cool. The 560-lumen bulb has a classic design and really focuses on white light exclusively, letting you decide which shade you like best. These lights also consume very little energy, about 4.1 or 7.5 watts. They also last quite a long while. They will last 40,000 hours. That's about 4 and a half years of constant use. Let's put that number in perspective. A bulb like that would normally last about a decade of normal use. They also have other interesting features. They do not emit any UV light so they don't attract insects.

Why are these types of bulbs useful? Well, some of us have trouble with those fluorescent bulbs. They tend to be very different from usual bulbs, thus people tend to use them less, even though they are more efficient than bulbs. Also, they light up immediately to maximum brightness. These LED bulbs will be available in Japan next month for $40 for the non-adjustable variety and $82 for the ones the color can be adjusted via remote control. [via DVice, images via Sharp]

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